Yup, that’s it from us and from Theo.

Parting words from B:

“Well, it’s been quite a year and a bit. A little over a year and a half ago, K and I had yet to even meet each other, and yet here we stand, 100 pages of webcomic between us. It gladdens me to look back and feel my art has progressed from wonky, to firmly crooked along the way. To anyone and all who’ve stuck with us for the 100 pages, my thanks, and I hope you’ve enjoyed our little tale. I’ve got several other projects simmering away, if you’re interested please come check out my gallery over at, I’ll be keeping things up to date there with sneak peeks at what’s on the horizon. Please do keep scribbling, doodling, sharing all of your stories as we have here, have fun and always, always remember where your towel is!”

And from me:

“This comic has taken a lot of my firsts: first comic, first creative collaboration, first time working with WordPress, first time writing about alternative sexualities in a way that felt meaningful (to me), first time encouraging onesie wearing… I have learned so much by doing this and, while this little tale is hardly perfect, I really hope you enjoyed what we’ve done here. Working with B has been brilliant and I look forward to creating more comicky goodness with him in the future. Stay amazing, readers, and thank you for reading.”